Artist Mariya Yaremchuk: poster of concerts 2021

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Mariya Yaremchuk

Pop, Folk

Maria Yaremchuk whose songs are already quite famous, at first she was better known as a singer from Chernivtsi, performing on the Ukrainian stage. She was born on March 2, 1993. Today, she has many musical awards, and is in great demand in Ukraine and not only. She is the daughter of Nazariy Yaremchuk, a famous national artist, who passed away when Yaremchuk was still very young. He was overcome by intestinal cancer. The girl is not alone in the family. She has two brothers and a half-sister. In 2009, the singer finally graduated from school in her hometown, after which she entered the university in Kiev. In addition, she simultaneously studied political science and history by correspondence. After 3 years, the artist decided to take part in the "Voice of the Country" project, taking the honorable 4th place. In the same year, the artist took part in the New Wave casting. Only she was the representative of Ukraine in this show jumping. The jury rated her performance at 97 points, which corresponded to the first place on the 1st day of the competition. On the second day, the single "Teche Voda" brought her 2nd place and 95 points. The third day of the competition was remembered for the track "Spring" and the third place for the singer. They also presented a prize from MUZ-TV and Megafon with the opportunity to shoot a video for Maria Yaremchuk. Soon a single was released called "With me again", and immediately a video for it. There were rumors that Yaremchuk would become the vocalist of the famous pop group VIA Gra, but this turned out to be untrue. Maria also participated in Eurovision 2013, where she got fifth place. After that, the world saw a video clip for the single "I know you." It was officially launched in early autumn. A year later, the singer again decides to participate in Eurovision again, she goes through a competitive round, and, being a representative of Ukraine, this time takes 6th place. Another video for the track "Against the Wind" was presented in 2014 in the fall. The lyrics to the song were written by the star herself. A year later, in the summer in the capital, a video was filmed for the amazing single "Do you". And in winter, a video clip for the song "In the clean field". Its presentation took place at the end of summer. 2016 is the time when the song "Unlawful" was presented. It differed from the previous tracks in that it was recorded together with Ponomarev. In mid-spring 2017, Maria released a new single and a video for it. It had the name "Ti in me є". In addition to musical achievements, Maria Yaremchuk gave a photo to the magazine for men "MAXIM" in 2015, where there was a rather candid photo session. More songs by Maria Yaremchuk can be downloaded on youtube. The actress speaks very frankly about her personal relationships with men. At the moment she is single, she has no pair. She is often credited with various novels, but these are just fictions of the press. The loudest story was with Alexander Ponomarev, everyone thought they were having an affair. The artist also commented on how she sees her future man. She has no special requirements, he just has to be devoted to her. She should feel comfortable and be happy with this person.